Okay i've had it, this is just ridiculous, instead of changing your rules have a valid reason next time, you say you took them down because of poor grammar, and all that other stuff, do you have literlly no time on your hands, you sure have time to un-do all the stuff, but you dont have time to just fix it yourselves, yeah that sounds correct


You can't decide whats trivial or not, and what is intersting enough, because thats not your descision to make, its the readers, :/

ADMIN EDIT: yeah you can just ignore this certified tard. made some bad edits, got mad they got reverted, and now hes having a sperg fit. poor thing. also apparently we don't have a valid reason to undo poorly structured, grammatically butchered trivia pieces that aren't true? I mean, we stated all of them in the comments but I guess that's not good enough.

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