Age Late 30's
Height 6' 5"
Weight 227 lbs.
Resides EarthRealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Human
Allies Nightwolf
Enemies Shao Kahn
Weapon Twin Stone Knives
Fighting Style Apache Knife Fighting
Alignment Good

I fear no one! I stand tall like the forest, and have a body stronger than stone! Feel the wrath of Oak!

—Battle Cry


(I picture Oak as a brown palette swap of Sub-Zero, only with more of a natural looking armor, maybe with animal bone, as well. He would have long brown hair, and a long brown beard, as well.)

Oak was a renegade member of the Lin Kuei, who was exiled, due to being against the Elder Sub-Zero and his dark ways. Unlike the other members, he did not know how to freeze things. But, instead, he had an ability to control the Earth, and it's vegetation. He lived off the land, as the old shaman of his tribe had taught him. He was the secret defender of Earthrealm, when Outworld forces attacked from the Living Forest.

He lived a peaceful life, and had a wife, and a lone son, however, on another of Shao Kahn's conquests, his extermination forces managed to wound him, and kill his wife and child. This stirred up an uncontrollable rage in Oak, as he wanted the head of the man who murdered his family. He joined his old friend in a fight to defeat the loathsome emperor.

Special Moves

  1. Poison Oak — A long vine quickly emerges out of the ground, and coils around the foe's waist, and then roughly slammed them down. (Can be used to counter a mid-air attack, and can bounce the foe up for another hit.)
  2. Rockslide — Oak extends his leg out, and glides along the ground's surface, to hit the enemy low, and trip them up.
  3. Rock Hard — He forces a small wall of earth to come up and block an attack, and potentially stop a combo, which breaks upon impact.
  4. Knife Throw — Throws his knife towards his opponent.

X-Ray Move

  1. Vulture's Flight — Oak summons a vine to wrap around the opponent's leg, which it then tosses the opponent into the air. Oak jumps up, and catches them, with their back to hsi shoulder, and lands with tremendous force, breaking their spine.


  1. Nature's Fury — Oak grabs his opponent's neck with his right hand, and lifts them up with ease. With his left hand, he summons a rock spire from the ground, and then violently chokeslams his opponent onto the spire, impaling them on it.
  2. Flailing Foe — Oak encases his fist in rock, and uppercuts hsi opponent so hard, their head, with spine attached flies off, as he catches the bottom of the spine with his free hand. The opponent's body moves around, acting as if it were alive, as Oak then uses the spine as if it were a flail, and hammers the body off screen and poses with the spine in the air and lets out a battle-cry.


  1. Oak summons a spire from the ground, as he wobbily moves over to it, before falling onto it, as the sharp point easily goes through his chest cavity.

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