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  • AprilBeiFong

    This blog post is simple. I've come up with some fantasy fights that I want to see. Whoever reads this can place votes on who they think would win. Maybe this will start a new trend or I'll just keep doing it. All depends on the votes here people. Enjoy.

    Disclaimer: I know that in a Mortal Kombat Tournament the Tekken fighters wouldn't have a chance. But this is if Mortal Kombat were on the Tekken fighters ground. (I promise we would not have a DC Universe situation again.)

    Kitana vs. Emilie De Rochefort aka Lilli

    Jade vs. Asuka Kazama

    Kira vs. Christie Monteiro

    Milenna vs. Zafina

    Sonya Blade vs. Nina Williams

    Tanya vs. Anna Williams

    Li Mei vs. Ling Xiaoyu

    Liu Kang vs. Jin Kazama

    Kung Lao vs. Hwoarang

    Mavado vs. Kazuya Mishima

    Mokap vs. Leo Kliesen (I…

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  • AprilBeiFong

    New Profiles!

    August 18, 2011 by AprilBeiFong

    Yay! I absolutely love the new profile format. It's sooo refreshing.

    Also it's alot easier to edit and add to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. One thing I can say about Wikia is that the updates they provide us with is much better than the Innovations Facebook does. Am I right?

    In addition to my praise of the new profile format I would like to say that the achievements for Wikia are fun. They motivate the users to work hard and make the wikia's better and give us something to work towards. Because, no one can deny that they love seeing the notification that we've earned another badge and have moved up on the Leaderboard. The one rank feels so good! ^_^

    Also when you create your own wiki you're automatically ranked #1. Who can t…

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  • AprilBeiFong

    Freddy Krueger, in a Mortal Kombat game. Ah.....That just makes me really happy. I've never really thought about that being a possibility. I thought the fourth DLC was going to be Sareena or a new character all together. Freddy never crossed my mind and that's the thing that I love most about Mortal Kombat, they creators always throw something new and exciting at you.

    That's the type of surprises other games need.

    The thing that I love the most is that he's not just a guest, they really made him a part of the character roster with his own set of moves and a unique personality.

    What I'm most impressed by is his special moves. I'll admit they are similar to Shinnok's moves but at the same time, they're his own. It makes sense that he would do t…

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  • AprilBeiFong

    In the halls of Mortal Kombat High, the sides of good and evil are dealing with new problems. Acne, Relationship Drama, and who would've thought.....Mystery Meat Mondays!

    On today's episode, Kitana deals with her arch-enemy Mileena. Her evil "twin sister"

    (Over the intercom) "Would Kitana report to the office?! Kitana to the main office!"

    The princess rolled her eyes and closed her math textbook. She got up from her seat and ignored the obnoxious, 'oohs' from her classmates.

    As Kitana walked down the halls, she spotted Milenna at her locker.

    "Oh look, someone forgot to put up the 'No Dogs Allowed' sign." She remarked as Mileena turned away from the mirror in her locker.

    "Shut your mouth, you vile prissy scum. I will steal your identity and your …

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  • AprilBeiFong

    Okay, so one of my friends thinks that Kitana and Quan Chi would make a good couple. And I say that thats out of character for Kitana. Just because Quan Chi helped Kitana in Mk vs. DC Universe, doesn't mean that they like or have romantic feelings towards one another. There's no way that could ever happen. And also, it's been confirmed that Kitana is devoted to Liu Kang for life, even if he is preoccupied with keeping Earthrealm safe. But Kitana does not seem to mind.

    And on that note, Quan Chi would never find himself attracted to someone from Edenia. He doesn't seem like the type to tie himself down to a woman, especially one on the side of Good. And Kitana would never become attracted to someone on the side of evil so that pairing is vo…

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