Kenshi, the Sword Saint. As downloadable content?

How can this be? I'm happy that he's in the game at all but why couldn't he just be in the game period?

Yes, he's a character from MKDA and thats too far into the storyline to be even fit into that story. But think about this:

Shang Tsung, the man who blinded him is in the game in both his young form and his true form, old man form, that is the perfect scenario to me. In my opinion, that could is the perfect opprotunity to expand upon the start of this intense rivalry. I know it's too late to complain but I just have to voice my opinion on this.

I just don't think that Kenshi is DLC material. He's more a unlockable character than a DLC. And to add insult to injury they put him in as a backround chracter in the Pit II stage.....

Netherralm Studios, why do you insist on breaking my heart?

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