Freddy Krueger, in a Mortal Kombat game. Ah.....That just makes me really happy. I've never really thought about that being a possibility. I thought the fourth DLC was going to be Sareena or a new character all together. Freddy never crossed my mind and that's the thing that I love most about Mortal Kombat, they creators always throw something new and exciting at you.

That's the type of surprises other games need.

The thing that I love the most is that he's not just a guest, they really made him a part of the character roster with his own set of moves and a unique personality.

What I'm most impressed by is his special moves. I'll admit they are similar to Shinnok's moves but at the same time, they're his own. It makes sense that he would do that. Being that he doesn't kill people in real life, he kills you in your dreams. Which is the most dangerous because that's where we find peace, in our dreams. So we're not expecting to be attacked or killed in our dreams and when we are we know that we'll wake up. But what Freddy says is that, "No, you're not going to wake up. I'm gonna kill you when you can do nothing about it."

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