This blog post is simple. I've come up with some fantasy fights that I want to see. Whoever reads this can place votes on who they think would win. Maybe this will start a new trend or I'll just keep doing it. All depends on the votes here people. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I know that in a Mortal Kombat Tournament the Tekken fighters wouldn't have a chance. But this is if Mortal Kombat were on the Tekken fighters ground. (I promise we would not have a DC Universe situation again.)

Female Fights

Kitana vs. Emilie De Rochefort aka Lilli

Jade vs. Asuka Kazama

Kira vs. Christie Monteiro

Milenna vs. Zafina

Sonya Blade vs. Nina Williams

Tanya vs. Anna Williams

Li Mei vs. Ling Xiaoyu

Male Fights

Liu Kang vs. Jin Kazama

Kung Lao vs. Hwoarang

Mavado vs. Kazuya Mishima

Mokap vs. Leo Kliesen (I'm counting him/her as a male)

Scorpion vs. Lars Alexandersson

Sub-Zero vs. Lei Wulong

Johnny Cage vs. Lee Chaolan

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