Yay! I absolutely love the new profile format. It's sooo refreshing.

Also it's alot easier to edit and add to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. One thing I can say about Wikia is that the updates they provide us with is much better than the Innovations Facebook does. Am I right?

In addition to my praise of the new profile format I would like to say that the achievements for Wikia are fun. They motivate the users to work hard and make the wikia's better and give us something to work towards. Because, no one can deny that they love seeing the notification that we've earned another badge and have moved up on the Leaderboard. The one rank feels so good! ^_^

Also when you create your own wiki you're automatically ranked #1. Who can top the creator? You basically already have a leg up on everyone else. Plus, everyone comes to you with the problems and even though the pressure is on to correct all of the vandalism and fix mistakes you're not alone. All of the hard working users are there to help as well.

Well....Now I'm rambling so let me cut myself off and just say that the new format rocks and I hope that more additions will be added in the future. Go Wikia! (Fangirl much, Lyric?)

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