Ark F. Scene

aka Alexandre Ferreira Canori

  • I live in República de Curitiba
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Segunda Espada
  • I am Masculino
  • Ark F. Scene

    So as many of you may know the official roster for MKX has just been revealed on E3 gameplay,so far it includes 24 characters excluding possible DLC,it has been recently revealed part of it was just made up for the show so we don't really know up to what part of it is actually real.Let's take a look at them first then I'll analyze other possibilities.This is also going to be used to keep track of who is playable and who could be playable from this day up to the release day in 2015.

    Raiden (May be unplayable)

    Johnny Cage (Semi-Konfirmed)





    Scorpion (Konfirmed)

    Sub Zero (Konfirmed,may be Bi-Han if he survived the soulnado)




    Quan Chi (Konfirmed appearance based on MK9's ending)


    Noob Saibot (He was thrown in…

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