• Arkham Master

    Ruiden, the Avenger

    December 25, 2011 by Arkham Master

    In the old city of the Elder Gods, had two brothers born of thunder: Raiden and Ruiden. During the time, Ruiden became a avenger, and was banished to Netherrealm by the Fire God. In Netherrealm, he finds a apprentice, a girl called Samatara.

    She become a skilled girl, until the time of she betray Ruiden. She goes to the Forces of Light to fight with them in the battle (Good vs. Evil). But before it, she stolen a precious diamond in the City of the Elder Gods. This diamond is the key to all the Raiden's plans. Alone in the Nethrrealm, Scorpion goes to talk with Ruiden about he join Shao Kahn. Ruiden accepts. Anyway, he let the Raiden Diamond fall in the fire of Netherrealm, and them letting Kahn brave. The only way to make he prove himsel…

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