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  • Azeruth

    My Activity

    June 12, 2011 by Azeruth

    Most of you may have noticed I've been incredibly less active as of late. Real life is starting to come into play, I won't be able to just sit on my computer like I have been, and as such, I'm not really able to be here. I informed Kuro about it, and the other admins are free to de-admin me if they want, I enjoyed working on the wikia, the vandals certainly sucked but that's just part of it.

    Peace guys and gals.

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  • Azeruth

    Pasiku (PAH-SEE-KOO) is a native of Edenia and the younger brother of Jade. Much like Jade, Pasiku was trained by Shao Kahn to become an assassin. However, Pasiku used his sand-based ability to spy on Shao Kahn, hiding in an hourglass. Pasiku learned of Shao Kahn's wrongdoing towards Edenia and attempted to inform Jade, but was stopped by Baraka. While Pasiku was able to defeat Baraka, Shao Kahn heard the commotion of the battle and quickly stopped Pasiku. Pasiku was sent for execution to Shao Kahn's Coliseum but as he the executioners dragged him out, he changed into sand and quickly spread out amongst the sand floor of the coliseum. He was able to escape through the cracks surround the coliseum and regrouped. He has been marked for execu…

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  • Azeruth

    Who Killed Who

    May 21, 2011 by Azeruth

    Because we never officially see Scorpion stabbed AND killed by Sub-Zero, putting that into the character relationships is just speculation. Personally, I think he did. Several characters appear to have been killed by another, but we never officially see it, therefore we're speculating. The only people we ever see officially killed are Li Mei by Hotaru, Sheeva by Kenshi, Kenshi by Shang Tsung, and eventually in MK 2011 Raiden is killed by Shao Kahn.

    Since we can only speculate on who killed who, we need to stop putting in "Killed by Baraka in Armageddon" or "Killed Scorpion in Armageddon" because while it appears like it, we don't ACTUALLY know that. For example, Baraka's head. Kung Lao could have been throwing his hat at Shinnok's Clone whe…

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  • Azeruth

    "noobde noobde RT (name withheld :P) @noobde Ever considered making an Orange Ninja? Noobde: I KNEW we 4got a we gotta think of a name: Juice?"

    EDIT: If Ed Boon comes online and is answering tweets, I will do my best to get answers for the following:
    1. Are the 4 Gray Male Ninjas Klassic Smokes and the 1 Female Khameleon
    2. Are Fujin and Rain the next DLC
    3. Are Klassic Cyrax and Sektor DLC

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  • Azeruth

    MK 2011 All Stats Gone

    April 30, 2011 by Azeruth

    I've been working on the devotion time to Master at least 1 kombatant, and I went to check on my stats. They were all 0 for everyone. I was freaking out, all of the stats and endings gone. I quit the game and went back in, everything is fine now. Anyone else have that happen?

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