Priton (you will die !)

Priton is ninja created by shao kahn to destroy scorpion the ninja but this ninja learned that he is no copy he has a family in russia but scorpion and quan chi killed his son Tremor. Tremor was turned into a rock solid ninja.

Priton has his own clan called the white dragon clan it is like the red dragons but white dragons are good and also helpful Sub-zero (bi han) was not able to join

priton in mk9 dlc

pritons real name is (Yushi Kokuyaoshi)

he is 700,000,000 years old

priton is the first ice god before sub zero





priton was also in mk1

here is a photo of priton in mk1

Priton 2

priton had been overpowerd by shao kahn . shao kahn almost priton and raiden there were both fighting him priton got his heart pulled out and his arms he was hurt while raiden was getting ripped in half he blasted shao kahn and he fell down and died we thought he was dead but he came back for revenge.

Priton in mk a

you can make priton
in mka kaf

priton has been in mk9 you need a dlc code maker you can desgin him i did this is my version of him fighting in mk9.
scorpion was waiting for priton to fight him.scorpion had a black ninja suit on with a white mask and a sword behind him with his spear in his hand.

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