Scorpion:You Be Fail!

Sub-Zero:I Fail You Nothing Caner Finish Him!

Caner Akçay: Dont lake me laugh scorpion I Killed You!

Caner Akçay: Father I Youre Okay?

Sub-Zero: Yes My Son Im Okay


Raiden:Good Work Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero:Thanks Raiden

Caner Akçay:Raiden

Raiden:Yes Caner

Caner Akçay:I and sub-Zero heed been killed scorpion

Sub-Zero:Good Work!

Caner Akçay:Thank You


Caner Akçay:Yes Let,s Go!

Sub-Zero: Go Go Go!

Raiden:Move it Move!

Kung Lao:Keep Moving Fowward Go Go Go!

Liu Kang:Don;t Stop Now

Cyber Sub-Zero:C.Mon Get Outta Here!




Noob Saibot:Get Back Here Go!

Caner Akçay And Sub-Zero: Hold The Position!

Quan Chi:Scorpion No!

Shang Tsung:Get Up Move!

Shao Kahn:Okay My Soliders Ready? Go Go Go!

Caner Akçay:Fire!



Noob Saibot:Fire!

Caner Akçay: Sub-Zero Raiden And Noob Saibot Get Outta Here Follow Me!

Sub-Zero:Follow Me!

Mission Objeclives

Follow Caner Akçay.

Follow Sub-Zero

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