• BigBDawg

    Hey, guys, I wasn't sure if it was OK to do it like this, but I've been thinking on an idea here and there for an alternate universe for the MK universe like how Shaolin Monks and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe have been done, doing what Mortal Kombat 9/2011 does, but to slow the pacing and go for the first game in a new light.

    The concept in my head has been called Mortal Kombat Reborn. This first game would be called The Journey Begins, and follows not only the original 10 Kombatants but a mix of returning kombatants from other games as well as characters from other MK canons and new characters.

    What I wanna know is what you guys would think to do in a reboot in a different universe set from what Netherrealm is doing right now post MK9/2011…

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