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    Ideas, ideas.

    August 27, 2011 by Brittonbubba

    I can think of crossovers for MK. (Note: This crossover idea might not happen.) (I'm also too lazy to write down the DC characters.) (If any name of my OC's' are the same as any of your OC's', it's purely a coincidence.)

    Me: Liu Kang

    Erin Valentine (My OC): Sonya Blade

    Banjo (This character belongs to Rare Ltd.): Jax Briggs

    Lyra Applethwaite (My OC): Kitana

    Subspace Lyra (The subspace character thing belongs to Nintendo): Milenna

    Kathy (My mother): Ashrah

    Subspace Long Haul (Long Haul being "Someguywithproblems' OC on HTF Fanon Wiki): Baraka

    Blaze is himself

    My Evil Form (Not subspace): Shao Kahn

    My Subspace Evil Form: Onaga

    Owen (Total Drama series): Bo' Rai Cho

    Trophy Thomas (This character belongs to Rare Ltd.): Johnny Cage

    Reptileon (My OC): Chamel…

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  • Brittonbubba
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