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  • I live in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Hey guys I just made a new wiki called Editors wiki it's the same subject as mken's wiki but we're trying to go against mken so plz help out.
  • I am Boy
  • CanO'Pie

    Mortal Kombat Adventures

    August 20, 2011 by CanO'Pie

    So, I was thinking about GoW (and pokemon) at the time, and I was thinking: "Hey why don't they make a Mortal Kombat game where you can run around and beat up people?" Here's the features I think should be on my game. Plz Commento!

    .Story Mode (Where you can actually choose your fighter.)

    .Features like: Shoot bow and arrows, find opponents, minigame mode, and fighting people out of matches!

    . Challenge Tower with challenges like GoW challenges.

    lol guys I can't think anymore so if you can comment stuff that shoul be in it I will put it in my blog! CanO'Pie out!

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  • CanO'Pie

    I'm Weird (in a good way)

    August 17, 2011 by CanO'Pie

    Gosh! Didn't see you there. My name is John. My username is CanO'Pie. As you can see I like Kratos and pie, huh the most wonderful things that i can think of. If you didn't know I am Mkentertainment 's brother. So I have been thinking of new MK Kharacters. Here is a list.


    X-Ray - Has 4 skeletons in his body and can take out 2 at a time.

    Mikiro - Basiccaly a boy Mileena.

    Punk - Has a spray paint bottle and whenever he does a Fatality he sprays the paint on the screen.

    Venom - A half boy half snake. He shoots venom out of his mouth.

    Lybia - A small town girl that uses her high - heels as a weapon.

    I added some new features to.

    X-Ray Fatalities, Rotating Screen.

    that's it. I'm wierd. SEE Y"ALL!

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