For those users curious as to what achievements or badges can be earned for making constructive edits to the wiki, here they are.

Name Badge Description Points
Entering the Portal Badge-edit-0 for making 1 edit on a page! 10
Emerging from the Portal Badge-edit-1 for making 5 edits on pages! 10
Exploring the Realms Badge-edit-2 for making 10 edits on pages! 50
Ally of Mortal Kombat Wiki Badge-edit-3 for making 25 edits on pages! 50
Kombatant Badge-edit-4 for making 50 edits on pages! 50
Shaolin Warrior Badge-edit-5 for making 100 edits on pages! 50
O.I.A. Agent Badge-edit-6 for making 250 edits on pages! 100
Mortal Kombat Champion Badge-edit-7 for making 500 edits on pages! 100
Envisioning Badge-picture-0 for adding 1 picture to a page! 10
Making Art Badge-picture-1 for adding 5 pictures to pages! 10
Transforming Badge-picture-2 for adding 10 pictures to pages! 10
Collecting Badge-picture-3 for adding 25 pictures to pages! 50
Clairvoyant Badge-picture-4 for adding 50 pictures to pages! 50
Pallet Swapping Badge-picture-5 for adding 100 pictures to pages! 50
Johnny Cage's Best Fan Badge-picture-6 for adding 250 pictures to pages! 100
Johnny Cage's Personal Paparazzo Badge-picture-7 for adding 500 pictures to pages! 100
Lightening Connection Badge-category-0 for adding 1 page to a category! 10
Red Dragon Mercenary Badge-category-1 for adding 5 pages to categories! 10
Brother of the Shadow Badge-category-2 for adding 10 pages to categories! 10
Black Dragon Thug Badge-category-3 for adding 25 pages to categories! 50
Tekunin Cyborg Badge-category-4 for adding 50 pages to categories! 50
Lin Kuei Assassin Badge-category-5 for adding 100 pages to categories! 50
Reviving the Shirai Ryu Badge-category-6 for adding 250 pages to categories 100
Opening the Tome Badge-blogpost-0 for writing 1 blog post! 10
Announcer Badge-blogcomment-0 for writing a comment on 3 different blog posts! 10
Banshee Screamer Badge-blogcomment-1 for writing a comment on 10 different blog posts! 50
Finding EarthЯealm's Kamidogu Badge-love-0 for contributing to the wiki every day for 5 days! 50
Finding the NetherЯealm's Kamidogu Badge-love-1 for contributing to the wiki every day for 14 days! 100
Finding ChaosЯealm's Kamidogu Badge-love-2 for contributing to the wiki every day for 30 days! 100
Finding Outworld's Kamidogu Badge-love-3 for contributing to the wiki every day for 60 days! 100
Finding Seido's Kamidogu Badge-love-4 for contributing to the wiki every day for 100 days! 100
Finding Edenia's Kamidogu Badge-love-5 for contributing to the wiki every day for 200 days! 100
The Chosen One! Badge-love-6 for contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days! 250
Mentoring Badge-sharing-0 for sharing one link! 10
Speaking Through the Wind Badge-sharing-1 for geting one person to click on shared links! 10
Sending an Arrow Badge-sharing-2 for getting 5 people to click on shared links! 10
Networking Badge-sharing-3 for getting 10 people to click on shared links! 50
Using your Arms Badge-sharing-4 for getting 50 people to click on shared links! 50
Apprentice Warrior Badge-welcome for joining the wiki! 10
Emerging from the Shadows Badge-introduction for adding to your own user page! 10
In the Words of Raiden… Badge-sayhi for leaving a message on someone else's talk page! 10
The One Being Badge-creator for creating the wiki! 100
Amalgam Badge-pounce for making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the page's creation! 50
How Many of You Are There? Badge-caffeinated for making 100 edits on pages in a single day! 50
I Smell Something…Lucky Edit Badge-luckyedit for making the Lucky 0th edit on the wiki! 100

More information about conduct regarding achievements and badges can be found here.

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