Here's the thing, I've been working on the prizes for the Kreate – a – Kombatant Kontest since the winners were announced. However, due to my schedule and my job search, it's been taking a lot longer than expected. So, I apologize for that (but you will be getting your prizes).

However, as a consolation, I'll be sharing with you something that I've been working on for a while. I've been attempting to write a Mortal Kombat novel (that spans the storyline from Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat: Special Forces to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon), and along with that I've been redesigning all 63 characters (along with a number of minor characters).

So, since the prizes aren't ready yet. Here are five of my character redesigns, for the first five female ninja characters.


Kombatant Description
KitanaRedesignCT For Kitana, I wanted to stray away from putting her in in a one-piece bathing suit, like she's usually been in. She (like all the characters I redesigned) deserves to wear pants. She's a princess, so I wanted to have her in something more conservative in appearance than a loin-cloth and halter-top. At the same time, though, she's a warrior, so she needs to wear something that can move around easily, so no high heels. I wanted to make sure that her shirt laced up in some way, as a nod to the fact that in the majority of her outfits there was some lace-up aspect.
MileenaRedesignCT For Mileena, she needed to wear something slutty. That goes without saying. That being said, she would be pretty conspicuous wearing a thong with suspenders (i.e. her current outfit). She needed to cover her face, but someone walking around wearing a mask looks pretty odd – so I decided to go wit ha scarf instead. I tried to make her look as similar to Kitana as I could (aside, of course, from her Tarkatan features). Because of her more sexual nature, I felt comfortable putting her in heels.
JadeRedesignCT For Jade, I wanted to make her a warrior first. I decided to stray away from any sort of jewelry or anything extra. She needed to look like she kicks ass! For her weapon, I decided to give her a spear instead of a staff for two reasons: one, in many of her appearances, her staff had a spike on its end to begin with; and two, I wanted to differentiate her from Raiden, who in my redesign of him, I gave a staff. I placed some purple feathers at the tip of her staff as an homage to how her staff glows in the game.
KhameleonRedesignCT For Khameleon, I wanted to remember, first of all, that she's from Zaterra. As such, I spent a lot of time making sure her facial features looked very reptilian, and to make sure that she had scales. I made her white and gray, as an homage to her appearance in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but I wanted to provide clues to the fact that she's a combination of the other four female ninjas (i.e. her belt). I gave her twin cat o' nine tails as a weapon to represent her multifaceted nature.
TanyaRedesignCT For Tanya, I tried to think of her as a businesswoman and the ambassador that she is. I tried made her look very professional, while at the same time remembering that she was a warrior. I decided to give her a little bit of an Egyptian vibe (with the snake bracelet and the jewelry), because I got that feeling from her appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deception. For a weapon I opted to give her her boomerangs from Mortal Kombat 4 instead of the kobu jutsu, but I added blades to the end of them to make them sort of a melee weapon as well.

(comments appreciated)

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