hey im new to mk wiki and this is my first blog and let's just say that im a huge fan of mk.
so i was just finding stuff on google and found this site and it is so cool. so if any one like mk like i do please write to me and ill reply soon.ok so now the best part of the new mk is everthing even the x ray mode. i love gore and blood and the fighting! so im 13 and i wounder if its bad to be that age? so now my favorite character in the whole mk is scorpion. on the highest difficulty no one can beat me with him. now i love that we can be kenshi and all but the more cooliest part if the section is that the player can be kratos the god of war. now all of the pictures i posted has to to something about my blog! now i really understand why this game is m. because of all of the gore and the finishing moves! if you make it to here than please post on how you liked it. :>

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