Episode one basically didn't follow the game but instead acted as if there was a new storyline, theres no Sonya, but theres only 2 episods so far, i think Ladybug is doing good describing it all, he got carried away a little. By seeing Noob-Smoke vs. Johnny-Jax was basically an idea given to him. A person demands he does it, I mean, is this guy a slave? Its free choice! Plus, Shao-Kahn isn;t mentioned, how he described the bog scenes was weird, and he clearly got caught up. I mean, its awsome(-ish) but Ladybug, an indian out in a tent.. in a swamp? Its just not good, but he still describes the suspense to keep Kombat-fans reading it. Everyone who reads isn't logged in, though. He needs to spread it out, by doing bigger & better fight-scenes, i mean its good so far, but it could be worse, and it good be better. No hard feelings, ladybug, but its just.. just not... good enough.

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