Gender Female
Age Physically late 20s, possibly older
Height Unknown
Weight Secret
Resides Outworld
Origin Earthrealm
Species Serpantyne
Allies Unknown
Enemies Reptile
Weapons Fang Daggers
Creator CrashBash
I've been waiting for this day for oh so long, Reptile. Now I'll make you suffer!!


—Viper to Reptile


It was common knowledge that Earthrealm was inhabited by the Saurians, a race now long extinct with the exception of Reptile. However, it has been recently discovered that another reptilian group lived in Earthrealm too. These were the Serpantynes, who were often at war in the Saurians. However, it was the latter who dominated, and eventually, all of the Serpantynes were wiped out....except for one, a young female named Viper. After being revived after many years, she learns about Reptile, and heads out to settle their rivalry once and for all. Only one Reptilian race can live in Earthrealm....


Unlike Reptile, Viper looks much more human-like. Save for her yellow eyes, forked tongue and fangs, noticable when she opens her mouth really wide, it would be difficult to tell that she had reptilian blood. Viper's hair sports two white tufts on top that resemble fangs. Both her T-Shirt and Shorts are badly torn, signs of vicious battles fought before.

Special Moves

  • Fang Drive: Viper pulls out her Fang Daggers and throws them at her opponent.
  • Overflip: Viper rushes forward and grabs her opponent, then somersaults over their head and pulls them overhead too, similar to the throw Noob Saibot and Tanya used to do.
  • Counter-Bite: Viper opens her mouth, and counters her opponent's next attack with a vicious bite.
  • Rippa Raptor: Viper performs a series of powerful and frenzied slashes at her opponent with her fang daggers.
  • X-Ray Move: Jawbreaker: Viper grabs her opponent by the head and forcefully dislocates their lower jaw. She then punches them square in the mouth, then hits them in the back of the head, whereby they spit all their teeth out.


  • Head-Buster: Viper throws her opponent to the ground, then begins to press on the back of their head. She presses harder and harder, with cracking sounds coming from the head as the skull smashes. Blood pours out of her victims mouth, and their eyes pop out of their heads. With a final push, Viper forces her opponent's crumpled skull out of their mouth, with the squashed remains of their brain dripping out.
  • Unhealthy Diet: Viper punches through her opponent's abdomen, and rips out their intestine. She forces it straight through their mouth and, after a little while, punches another hole and rips out their stomach. With the intestines connecting both ends, the hapless victim has a huge split torn down their body, and their lower jaw is ripped off as well. They eventually collapse.


  • Viper hisses loudly, but then accidently bites her tongue, causing it to go numb. She begins to cry in pain.

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