Age 24
Height 6' 1 (1.85m)
Weight 210lbs
Resides Outworld
Origin Outworld
Species Unknown, originally presummed Tarkatan
Allies Mileena
Enemies Kitana
Weapon Scissor and Scythe Blades
Fighting Style Silat, Hung Gar
Alignment Neutral/Evil
Don't get in my way!


—Battle cry


"For many years, I assumed I was a member of the nomadic race known as the Tarkata. It made sense, as I was born amongst them. But as I grew, it was obvious to me things were not as I thought. For starters, my teeth never grew as large as those around me. Then, when I withdrew my blades for the first time....well, everyone was shocked at their odd shape. In fact, it was because of their shape that I was unable to retract them. From that moment on, I became an outcast. I began to suspect that, maybe, I wasn't a Tarkatan after all. Years later, I left my camp and began roaming for my true ancestory. It was there I met a strange woman named Mileena. She revealed to me her own "secrets" and that she was an experimental clone. It explains the teeth, but not the blades. I swore my alligence to Mileena, but my motives remain.....

Special Moves

  1. Blade Spin — Sythzor spins around like a tornado, hitting his opponent with his blades.
  2. Scissor Span — Sythzor shuts his scissor blades, causing a spark to fly out and hit the opponent.
  3. Sycthe Stab — Sythzor lunges forward at his opponent, sycthe blade first.

X-Ray Move

  1. Tasty Elbow — Sythzor rams his scythe blade into the stomach of his opponent. He then grabs their arm and bits deep into the elbow, shattering it.


  1. Chip Chop — Sythzor uses his scissor blades to cut off the left arm of his opponent, which he eats. He then chops off their right leg, then decapitates them with his scythe blade. He then places the chopped-off leg in their neck, so it sticks out where their head would be.

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