• Crazydawg444

    Name: Swordin

    Gender: Male

    Age: ?

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 213

    Origin: Edenia


    Weapon Style: Litnen, a lightning augmented greatsword

    Character Bio: Swordin was once an edenian general. He fought for his realm when Shao Kahn attacked, but he was unable to protect it. When Edenia fell swordin went into hiding. He waited for years to come out of the shadows, and did when Kitana joined the forces of good. He vowed his loyalty to Kitana and helped her fight Shoa Kahn. He has a great hatred for Rain for betraying his realm and swore to beat him and show him humility.

    Fighting Style: swordin is very offensive. He uses his greatsword Litnen whenever possible

    Special Moves

    Earthquake: He smashes his sword into the ground and an earthquake forces his…

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  • Crazydawg444

    Name: Element

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 195

    Origin: Earthrealm

    Alignment: Good

    Weapon style: Thudor, a light weight axe augmented with great power

    Opening taunt: element appeares in the wind and screams "All terrain is my element!"

    in-match taunt: Element yells" Your outmatched!" then turns into a puddle then appears farther from the opponent

    Victory taunt: Element picks up a flower then it lights on fire

    CharacterBio: Born to Earthrealm as a child, his village was attacked by strange creatures. His family was killed but one of the maruaders saw something in him. He was brought to Outworld and raised to serve Shao Kahn. For years this was his life mission.He had discovered he had control of elements, and could use them in combat. But …

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