Name: Swordin

Gender: Male

Age: ?

Height: 6'1

Weight: 213

Origin: Edenia


Weapon Style: Litnen, a lightning augmented greatsword

Character Bio: Swordin was once an edenian general. He fought for his realm when Shao Kahn attacked, but he was unable to protect it. When Edenia fell swordin went into hiding. He waited for years to come out of the shadows, and did when Kitana joined the forces of good. He vowed his loyalty to Kitana and helped her fight Shoa Kahn. He has a great hatred for Rain for betraying his realm and swore to beat him and show him humility.

Fighting Style: swordin is very offensive. He uses his greatsword Litnen whenever possible

Special Moves

Earthquake: He smashes his sword into the ground and an earthquake forces his opponent to fall down

Discharge: Litnen shoots a ball of lightning at the opponent shocking them and leaving them open

Uppercut: Swordin swings Litnen up above and over him into the ground behind him bringing the opponent with him

Flash Appearance: A lightning bolt strike behind the opponent flinging them toward Swordin


Revenge: Swordin punches the opponent in the stomach and grabs their throat. He raises them up and sticks his sword in them, then punches then so hard they fly off the blade.


Lightning Rod: Swordin slices off an arm then the other. then he stabs Litnen into the opponent and pushes him back. Lightning then strikes the opponent leaving nothing but a skeleton

HomeRun: Swordin rips an arm off his opponent then slices his haed off where it balances on the neck. He then kicks the body back and hits the head with the arm like a baseball

Character Ending: Swordin didnt kill Shao Kahn. He sealed him in a magical amulet that gave the wearer Kahn's strength. Swordin wore it and won many victories. One including a fight with Rain. Rain begged for death but Swordin only wanted to teach him humility. When it was time he gavethe amulet to kitana and disappeared forever.

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