• CySubNoTor

    10-Tremor:I know he is on PSVita.But still,he must be a DLC character.

    9-Cyber Kratos:Yep,you heard it.Cyber+Kratos=Deathmachine.

    8-Chameleon:The secret ninja from MKT & MKA.He can be very deadly.

    7-Hornbuckle:Yet again,a secret character from MKII.

    6-Dante(DmC):Here is a New Challenger...Dante!

    the other 5 will be your choise!

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  • CySubNoTor

    Hello everyone.I create a story mode with my own mind.Well i will expand it day to day.

    Version 0.5:Kreated Kharacters and his/her own fights and chapters-locations(First 3 Chapter).

    Sub-Zero & C.Sub-Zero VS Sektor & Cyrax.Location:Dojo

    Sub-Zero VS Kenshi.Location:Artika

    Sub-Zero & Kenshi VS 3 Tengu's & Tengu Leader.Location:Artika

    Sub-Zero VS Noob Saibot VS Scorpion.(3 man royale)Location:Hell

    Johnny VS Reptile.Location:The Pit I

    Johnny VS Jarek & Kano.Location:Black Dragon HQ

    Johnny VS Director.Location:Studio

    Johnny VS Sonya(Shang Tsung in real).Location:The Pit I

    Hydro VS Sub-Zero.Location:Lin Kuei Palace

    Hydro VS Sektor & Cyrax & Smoke.Location:Bell Tower

    Hydro & Sub-Zero VS 5 Brother Of Shadow & Noob Saibot

    Hydro & Sub-Zero & Cyrax VS Noob-Smoke …

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    The ''New'' Me!

    August 5, 2012 by CySubNoTor

    Everyone in this wikia,sure has know my bad(crap) grammar.But now...Im changed!(Why so serius?)Well uh...I will edit my bad grammar in all wiki's.Sooo...thats it *smiley* :-)

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    Kreate a Fighter:Neo

    August 2, 2012 by CySubNoTor


    Real Name:Thomas Anderson


    Fighting Style:Kung-Fu

    Weapon:Iron Staff

    Alligment:Good(formerly Neutral)

    Biography:9 years after Final Battle with Agent Smith,mysteriously a portal opened in Zion.It is not a computer device.Neo teleported to Netherrealm.He is now looking for enter to Matrix again.

    Allies:Raiden,Liu Kang,Johnny Cage,Kenshi,Li Mei,Sonya,Jax,Kabal,Smoke.

    Foes:Quan Chi,Kobra,Shang Tsung,Sub-Zero,Noob-Saibot,Kira,Motaro.

    Arcade Ladder:8-Hsu Hao 7-Cyrax 6-Scorpion 5-Raiden 4-Shang Tsung 3-Sheeva 2-Goro 1-Shao Kahn.

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  • CySubNoTor

    5-Zebron!İf you played MKDA you must know zebron.İ mean hes artwork can unlocked from krypt.Think...A zebra fighting with kung lao.AWESOME :D 4-Darrius.Hes alternate costume reminds me 80's films :) 3-Meat.Yeah i mention it on top 5 scary char.But of course its funny as hell!Throwing his head like a bowling ball,2 "meat" clevers,mutalation as grabbing his left eye.Crazy!! 2-Pedro.Palette swap of stryker.Disgusting mexican farting flame lol. 1-İtss Bo Rai Cho! Burp,Fart,puke all shits you can think.The most funniest is Burning opponent with FARTTTT!*Smoke bomb fatality screen from space"Bo rai Cho wins FA*R*TALİTY!'

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