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Kreate a Fighter:Neo


Real Name:Thomas Anderson


Fighting Style:Kung-Fu

Weapon:Iron Staff

Alligment:Good(formerly Neutral)

Biography:9 years after Final Battle with Agent Smith,mysteriously a portal opened in Zion.It is not a computer device.Neo teleported to Netherrealm.He is now looking for enter to Matrix again.

Allies:Raiden,Liu Kang,Johnny Cage,Kenshi,Li Mei,Sonya,Jax,Kabal,Smoke.

Foes:Quan Chi,Kobra,Shang Tsung,Sub-Zero,Noob-Saibot,Kira,Motaro.

Arcade Ladder:8-Hsu Hao 7-Cyrax 6-Scorpion 5-Raiden 4-Shang Tsung 3-Sheeva 2-Goro 1-Shao Kahn.

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