Hello everyone.I create a story mode with my own mind.Well i will expand it day to day.

Version 0.5:Kreated Kharacters and his/her own fights and chapters-locations(First 3 Chapter).

Chapter 1:Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero & C.Sub-Zero VS Sektor & Cyrax.Location:Dojo

Sub-Zero VS Kenshi.Location:Artika

Sub-Zero & Kenshi VS 3 Tengu's & Tengu Leader.Location:Artika

Sub-Zero VS Noob Saibot VS Scorpion.(3 man royale)Location:Hell

Chapter 2:Johnny Cage

Johnny VS Reptile.Location:The Pit I

Johnny VS Jarek & Kano.Location:Black Dragon HQ

Johnny VS Director.Location:Studio

Johnny VS Sonya(Shang Tsung in real).Location:The Pit I

Chapter 3:Hydro

Hydro VS Sub-Zero.Location:Lin Kuei Palace

Hydro VS Sektor & Cyrax & Smoke.Location:Bell Tower

Hydro & Sub-Zero VS 5 Brother Of Shadow & Noob Saibot

Hydro & Sub-Zero & Cyrax VS Noob-Smoke & Sektor

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