5-Zebron!İf you played MKDA you must know zebron.İ mean hes artwork can unlocked from krypt.Think...A zebra fighting with kung lao.AWESOME :D 4-Darrius.Hes alternate costume reminds me 80's films :) 3-Meat.Yeah i mention it on top 5 scary char.But of course its funny as hell!Throwing his head like a bowling ball,2 "meat" clevers,mutalation as grabbing his left eye.Crazy!! 2-Pedro.Palette swap of stryker.Disgusting mexican farting flame lol. 1-İtss Bo Rai Cho! Burp,Fart,puke all shits you can think.The most funniest is Burning opponent with FARTTTT!*Smoke bomb fatality screen from space"Bo rai Cho wins FA*R*TALİTY!'

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