• Cyber-Reptile

    My Idea for the Kreate a Kombat contest is here:

    Name: Lash

    Real Name: Valmus Lufan

    Biography: Once a Normal Child of Earthrealm, he grew up as a normal child until the age of 16 at which Shao Kahn's army came to his village and brutally slaugthered all the residents and even his family right before his eyes, before being captured and sent to Shao Tsung's Flesh Pits, during which Valmus was brutally tortured to near death, then placed into experimentation, and after much work Shao Tsung managed something he never managed before: to create a creature capable of being part of the night itself, but Valmus was still a failure due him losing his sanity, and being uncontrollably aggressive, due to which Shao Tsung imprisoned Valmus within the Tower…

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