In celebration of the impending March Madness, I've decided to hold a Mortal Kombat tournament featuring all 64 kombatants. I'll provide the match-ups daily, and you, the reader, will comment your picks for each match. I'm doing this on multiple MK based sites, and the fighters that get the most votes will move on to the next round, of course. Please base your picks on which fighter you actually think would win the fight, not who you want to win.

Round 1

Group A

Johnny Cage vs Skarlet

Khameleon vs Fujin

Kintaro vs Blaze

Sub-Zero vs Drahmin

Shang Tsung vs Havik

Sektor vs Bo' Rai Cho

Sheeva vs Meat

Goro vs Hotaru

Group B

Kano vs Taven

Chameleon vs Jarek

Shao Kahn vs Moloch

Mileena vs Hsu Hao

Reptile vs Darrius

Nightwolf vs Frost

Sindel vs Tanya

Sonya Blade vs Kira

Group C

Noob Saibot vs Onaga

Ermac vs Quan Chi

Smoke vs Mavado

Kitana vs Sareena

Jax Briggs vs Ashrah

Cyrax vs Li Mei

Motaro vs Reiko

Raiden vs Shujinko

Group D

Liu Kang vs Daegon

Rain vs Kai

Jade vs Nitara

Kung Lao vs Mokap

Baraka vs Dairou

Kabal vs Kenshi

Kurtis Stryker vs Shinnok

Scorpion vs Kobra

DLKnightstick (talk) 14:56, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

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