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*MAJOR* changes coming to wiki soon

With an upcoming game within the next few years or so, we should be prepared and as professional as possible. While we can clean up and change a lot of things on pages, the hardest thing we'll have to do is reboot the design. If we do this, it'll make the wiki look a lot better, and even more professional.

So anyways, I originally posted this to Smoke., but I think we need an official list to look for of the changes to come, so here it is:

Xperia, The Last Paladin, myself and a few others have plans to do some major redesigns to the wikie (nothing page-related, at least not yet, but we plan on cleaning up a lot). We just wanted to know if you were okay with it. In case you're curious or cautious, I'll provide some examples of what we've thought of:

1. An official MK Font -

2. Different background (per refresh) -

3. The navigation bar should have a background with 2 faded in spears, one going left the other going right, top to bottom. The actual navi bar's design could be changed to metal with blood stains on it. Similar in design to:

4. Navigation Bar changes: Mortal Kombat, Games, Media, Characters, Universe

5. Home page should have a japanese (or metal bar) arch frame, similar in design to:

6. Wikia Navigation bar will be retextured to fit the theme of the navi bar's design

7. The chat box will be framed and transparent on the inside, similar in design to:

8. Slideshow should be framed as well, with multiple subjects (inside of the outer homepage frame), similar in design to:

9. Framed user boxes and avatars, background possibilities:

10. A link to chat policies in the chat box

Also, the homepage, wiki logo and background will be completely redone and retooled.

As you can see, the main thing that inspired all these changes was the Dead Space wiki's design. It will be a very nice welcoming for new users coming in when the next game's out.

If we don't get the big help we desire, it'll be harder, but we can still pull off a lot of these things.

So, if you care, look out for these changes in the near future.

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