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Deletion Vote: Inferno Scorpion

Hello, fellow users of the wiki, it's time we have a little poll. Is Inferno Scorpion to be deleted, or not? My personal opinion is that it should, it's useless, it's not it's own character, it's a simple form of another character So. Why not make pages of all the animal forms from the animalities while we're at it? Db19px Same thing. I've hated this page for a while now, it's very poorly constructed, and as I've already said, useless. It's time I take action and leave the fate of this page to you, the users.

Your choices:

1. Delete Inferno Scorpion Me gusta

2. Do not delete Inferno Scorpion Megustabad

I really want you guys to think about this. Think hard (HMMM)...

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