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If you could have any 6 guest characters in MK, who would they be? Anyone at all, could range from Ghost Rider to Rainbow Dash.

Anywho, here's mine:

1. Predator. He easily fits in, I don't really need to explain why.

Costumes: Default is a generic Pred, other 3 are the Super Preds from Predators.

2. Death himself. I personally think it'd be sweet to play as ol' Grim. It's a fair fight, after all.

Costumes: Default is the same old Grim, dark cloak, wicked scythe, no face at all. Alts would be the skeleton version, the human version and last but not least, the rider of one of the horses of apocalypse, Death.

3. Marcus Fenix. Now before you say "DERKA DERKA DURR HE DOESN'T FIT IN AT ALL", think about it for a sec. He has guns, chainsaws, great combat skills, how DOESN'T he fit in?

Costumes: Default is his generic suit from Gears 3. First Alt is him without all the armor. Second's with a helmet on. Can't think of a third,

4. The Xenomorph (from Alien). Honestly, it's the same with this little bastard. I don't need to explain why he/she/it fits.

Costumes: Default is the generic drone alien. First Alt's Grid from the first AvP. Secondd Alt is a dome headed alien. Third Alt is a xenomorph praetorian.

5. Jason. Despite being very slow, this son of a bitch can definitely put up a good fight. He's survived gunshots, explosions, electrocutions, severe stabs, etc. He's a killing machine, perfect for MK.

Costumes: Default is his generic suit. First Alt is him without his mask. Second is remake Jason. Third is, although I really hated the movie, Jason X.

6. Spawn. Do I really need to back up my reasoning here? Badass weaponry, combat, appearance, etc. Not only did he kill the devil, but he killed God as well. That's some hardcore shit.

Costumes: Default is the same old same old. First Alt is maskless Spawn. Second Alt's Movie Spawn. Third Alt's a capeless Spawn thats balanced between Movie Spawn and Normal Spawn.

Well, that's my list. Leave your thoughts and your own list b-e-l-o-w.

P.S: MK100, if you comment, don't put in any wrestlers -_-

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