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I've now applied for this wiki's adoption

Over the years, this wiki's been very close to me. This community is full of wonderful people, and will hopefully grow to have even more. For the past year I've noticed the wiki's activity going down the drain, and (aside from Riley Heligo of course, you're great, bro.) none of the admins have been on to help me.

Cometstyles, the current owner, hasn't been on for almost 2 years, and me and Riley are the only ones who still continue to clean up. So, although I feel like a pathetic beggar, I would greatly appreciate any support to help me gain this position.

With the major changes coming up soon, this would be a huge boost in making them come sooner, and I would hope that I'm perfect for the job.

So, if you wish to help me in this situation, go to:

Thanks, your ol' buddy-pal-bro-bruv,

--Byakuya The Slayer of Colossi 02:25, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

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