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Kreate-a-Kombatant Entry - Mist

Plague Doctor 3
Age 34
Height 6'3
Weight 230
Resides Outworld
Origin Earthrealm
Species Once Human, made into a Cyborg.
Allies Kano
No Face
Enemies Cyrax
Shao Kahn
Noob Saibot
Weapon Multiple Cybernetic Weapons
Fighting Style Ninjitsu
Alignment Evil
It is my duty to eliminate you.


Mist to Jax


Mist was a Black Dragon member after his brother was murdered by Shao Kahn (Though he had not known at the time), mainly receiving info from his enemies, and working with Kano on objectives. During an attack on the Special Forces, Mist was heavily injured by Jax, with multiple broken bones, burn marks, and scars. For 2 years, Mist remained in special care, only wishing to die soon. After a long time, Mist received a unexpected visit from Kano. Kano told mist that he had missed being with him in action, Kano then told Mist that he had gotten some help from a Cyborg named Sektor to make things all better.
After hours of working, Kano and Sektor finally finished up their work on Mist and equipped him with weapons afterwards. With Mist being completely rebuilt as a Cyborg, he had gotten an offer from Kano, to come back the the Black Dragon clan. Mist quickly rejected Kano's offer, and told him that he has something else in mind, becoming a bounty hunter for hire. Years later, Mist had become a mass murderer.

He no longer took orders from anyone except himself, he hunted down all of his past enemies, including Jax and Shao Kahn, although he failed to kill them.

During the events of the second Mortal Kombat Tournament, Mist had been planning on killing Shao Kahn after he figured out he was the murderer of his brother, Hydro.

While spying on Shao Kahn, he was preparing to launch an explosive dart, but gets ambushed by Baraka and loses a hand.

Mist fights Baraka afterwards and knocks him unconscious, and retreats to receive repairs from Kano.

Mist hasn't been seen that much after the repairs, only lurking in the shadows, murdering unfortunate victims.


Mist wears a gas mask and straw hat, along with a trenchcoat that covers multiple layers of armor and weapons.

Special Moves

  1. Denied! - Mist punches the opponent twice in the gut, then stabs them with an explosive dart.
  2. Slick Saw - Mist slices the opponent 3 times then kicks them away
  3. Nova Strike - Mist jumps in the air, and diagonally kicks the opponent, then blows them away with a bomb
  4. Shuriken Storm - Mist hits the opponent in the gut, then launches a tornado like spin while holding 2 Shurikens to knock the opponent in the air.

X-Ray Move

Quick Impact - Mist teleports behind the opponent, jabs them in the shoulders with 2 Shurikens, and charges up a powerful punch similar to Sektor's, launching the opponent away.


A Piece of My Mind - Mist kicks the opponent back, then throws his chain around the opponent, and in slow-mo, the blades pop out, and eventually impale the opponent. Mist then tugs the chain, and the opponent's body falls apart in a bloody mess.

Small Gift - Mist holds the opponents arms while putting his foot on their chest, then kicks the body to ground. Mist then places a bomb on the armless body and walks away while the bomb explodes.

Character Relationships

  • Brother of Hydro
  • Partner of Kano
  • Received multiple injuries from Jax
  • Made into a Cyborg by Kano and Sektor
  • Attempted to murder Shao Kahn
  • Knocked Baraka unconscious

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