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MK Vita has new costumes

These costumes are pretty fucking sweet. I might actually get this. MK3 Scorpion MK3 Sub-Zero MASKED MK2 Mileena Big Head Raiden

And as a bonus, the Pit fatality in MK4 is finally back.

As another bonus, a sneak peak of the new challenge tower.

You'll also have the nearly-naked Mileena from the beginning of the game. You'll unlock special costumes like the Raiden one in Challenge Tower, and as the guy in the video says, there will be a much bigger reward.

There's also rumors of klassic costumes for non-ninja characters, and the classic Cyrax and Sektor fatalities. Possibly Rain, Smoke, Noob and Ermac as well.

But with this new content comes dropped content, such as KOTH. That sucks :/

Anywho, what do you think?

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