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My Ideal Mortal Kombat 11


So, basically, I would take all of this and make it like a Game of Thrones-esque event. What I mean by that is a separated but extremely cohesive story, in the perspective of the heroes AND villains. There would be 12 hours of story, 20 chapters with 6 fights. My main goal with this is a proper end to what would be a trilogy while also simultaneously fixing the problems that MKX's story created.

Each chapter wouldn't be for a character, it would be for a perspective and/or angle in the story. That of which could be a whole realm, 1-2 characters, factions or alliances. You wouldn't fight as the same character for every fight, but rather change perspectives (when it calls for it). For example, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are now working together, but their temple is raided. Between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, you would fight the raiders in order of the fight. So like, 1 1, 2, 1, 2 2 (1 being Sub-Zero's fights, 2 being Scorpion's fights). In other scenarios, you'll be fighting as 6 different characters for each part in the chapter.

The timeskip is 6 years after the end of Mortal Kombat X. There were some events during those 6 years, of which I'd expect to see in another comic series. Flashbacks are kept to a minimum, with the ones that are there being rightfully and correctly placed in the story.


To be added


The roster is big, everyone from MKX is returning minus Quan Chi, Shinnok, Tremor, Jacqui and the guests. 38 characters, 44 with DLC.

  • 1. Scorpion (Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei are now working together as one collective clan/alliance, now a master and teacher)
  • 2. Sub-Zero - Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei are now working together as one collective clan/alliance, a fellow master and teacher with Scorpion
  • 3. Kitana - had a minor civil war in the Netherrealm against Noob Saibot, got beaten, now a general in his army
  • 4. Liu Kang - had a minor civil war in the Netherrealm against Noob Saibot, got beaten, now a general in his army
  • 5. Raiden - hardly ever seen by other characters now. way later in the story his evil is purged from him by the Elder Gods, key character at the end
  • 6. D'Vorah - prisoner and informant (about Netherrealm) for Earthrealm, escapes later on
  • 7. Ferra/Torr - still with Kotal, Ferra is more of a teen now
  • 8. Erron Black - still with Kotal
  • 9. Kotal Kahn - settled the beef with Earthrealm during timeskip, now in an extremely neutral alliance. now has the Shokans and Tarkatans on his side, fair alliance with Goro.
  • 10. Smoke (Enenra) - Noob sees potential in Smoke's hidden power, possesses him with the shadow clone so that they become one (Smoke and the shadow clone, that is)
  • 11. Cyrax - defeated and deactivated in the timeskip, Sub-Zero learns how to restore his humanity (as Smoke did to him) through the information in Sektor's remains
  • 12. Fujin - pseudo protector of Earthrealm, making Raiden doesn't fuck up, prepared to fight if he does. Mentoring Takeda on the path to becoming champion of Earthrealm.
  • 13. Kai - in White Lotus, part of the new Shaolin Monk duo with Kung Jin
  • 14. Kabal - cleansed from being a revenant, now works with Special Forces
  • 15. Kira - part of the Black Dragon, carries out mercenary missions with Kano, Tremor, Jarek, Tasia and the new character.
  • 16. New Black Dragon character - Kira's partner (rather than Kobra)
  • 17. New Oni character - a general in Noob's army
  • 18. New Tarkatan character - genetically modified in the flesh pits, like a super Baraka, Kotal's bodyguard
  • 19. Noob Saibot - took over Netherrealm during timeskip, found Havik and gave him a new body)
  • 20. Havik - gave Noob his Chaosrealm armies and services in return)
  • 21. Hotaru - defeated and captured by Noob and Havik, later freed and submits himself, as well as his own armies, to Onaga
  • 22. Cassie Cage - still with SF, had some additional training
  • 23. Mileena - last surviving clone from the flesh pits, retains memory, initially allied with Goro until he sells her out to Kotal
  • 24. Johnny Cage - still with SF, still mentoring
  • 25. Sonya Blade - still with SF, still mentoring
  • 26. Kano - still Black Dragon, carries out mercenary missions with Kira, Tremor, Jarek, Tasia and the new character.
  • 27. Kung Lao - cleansed from being a revenant, becomes mentor in the White Lotus, teacher to Kung Jin and Kai
  • 28. Kung Jin - broke off of Special Forces for further White Lotus training, part of the new Shaolin Monk duo with Kai
  • 29. Takeda - still with SF, but also receiving training from Fujin and the new collective clan from Sub-Zero/Scorp. think Shujinko but not total garbage.
  • 30. Kenshi - still with SF, mentoring
  • 31. Li Mei - now an agent with SF, works with Cassie and Takeda
  • 32. Jax - now with SF again, but mainly taking care of Jacqui
  • 33. Ermac - still with Kotal, later breaks off to join Onaga as he sees him as the new ruler of all realms
  • 34. Reptile - still with Kotal
  • 35. Goro - new arms via flesh pits (that are now controlled by Kotal), now a Shokan King and steadily allied with Kotal. discovers and tricks the last clone of Mileena into "attacking Kotal" only for her to be imprisoned later.
  • 36. Tanya- took over and ruled Edenia with Rain for a brief time during the timeskip, overthrown and executed by Sindel.
  • 37. Rain - took over and ruled Edenia with Tanya for a brief time during the timeskip, overthrown and executed by Sindel.
  • 38. Sindel - cleansed from being a revenant, eventually takes back Edenia and becomes a good ally to Earthrealm.

Boss: Onaga

Sub-Boss: 1v2 with Noob and Smoke

Sub-Sub-Boss: Havik


  • 1. Bo Rai'Cho
  • 2. Quan Chi
  • 3. Jade
  • 4. Shang Tsung
  • 5. Shao Kahn
  • 6. Guest - most likely The Terminator

plenty of skins



Massively reduced in size for development time. For MKX, putting huge emphasis on infos was a mistake due to the sheer number of people that just have no interest in it. The time spent in making all of them could've gone to the roster or story.

I would personally keep it to 1-2 intros for each character pairing.


Now lessened to 2 variations. Making the process simpler as far as choosing a fitting playstyle while also making your options with that playstyle more complex. The movesets would be bigger, but they would be more fitting and focused for their variation. As an example, Scorpion would have one variation primarily about his weapons and combat expertise while the other focuses on his Netherrealm attributes (such as summoning demons, using portals/teleports, hellfire, etc).

This also helps with development time.


Mostly the same, though brutalities would be reduced to 3-4 per character Two that are specific to a variation, one for both, and a secret one. Faction kill can go either way.


With a big story, a constant change in scenery is almost required. This was another problem in MKX. Two stages per location sounds about right, in addition to some of the classic ones. As for stage finishers, stage brutalities (or even fatalities) could make a comeback if there's not that much of a hinder in development time.


Now reworked to fit with the new story elements, the Factions mode is now separated per leader(s) representing their faction(s). The Deadly Alliance - Noob/Havik/Smoke (Netherrealm & Chaosrealm), Kung Lao (White Lotus), Kano (Black Dragon), Sonya and Sindel (Earthrealm & Edenia), Onaga and Hotaru (Armies of the Dragon King & Orderrealm), Kotal and Goro (Outworld).

Non-Returning/Unplayable Characters

Jacqui Briggs: major character plot device for Takeda, became pregnant a few months before the game's beginning, major character development for Takeda and Jax.

Quan Chi: he died

Shinnok: just a head

Tremor: story character, dies

the guests: you know why

Nightwolf, cleansed from being a revenant, dies later on

Stryker, stays revenant, dies later on

Baraka, he died foreverrrr

any other 3D era character not mentioned (as playable at least, always room for story roles)

Story Cameos

1. Bo Rai'Cho

2. Jarek

3. Tasia

4. Tremor

5. Nightwolf

6. Stryker

7. Sareena

8. Frost

9. Dairou

10. Darrius

11. Hornbuckle - also imprisoned by Noob and Havik, publicly executed

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