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My MK10 Idea

Credit to people for helping me make this: Riley, Bog, Xperia

So, this is my shit-tastic typical blog, there's millions, but a lot of them are barely realistic (in my opinion), so here we go:

The Roster:

Yes, we need to bring people back, but I personally wouldn't bring them all back, otherwise it was a useless series of deaths in the first place. This also gives us a chance at bigger twists and changes for the reboot.

The cuts-

(some who were killed by Sindel have souls far too gone to be fixed, thus they're now simple pawns to Quan Chi and reduced to cameos)====

Stryker (soul is lost, cameo as Quan Chi's pawn)

Jade (story-only, revived by Raiden, asked to help protect Edenia from evil forces, agrees)

Jax (story-only, revived by Raiden, asked to help protect his city from evil forces, Sonya and Johnny want him to come with them but he agrees to stay in the city)

Sub-Zero (soul is lost, cameo as Quan Chi's pawn)

Sindel (soul is lost, cameo as Quan Chi's pawn)

Sheeva (story-only, killed early in the story)

Shao Kahn (as an appearance altogether)

Kano (story-only, killed early in the story)

Mileena (story-only, killed early in the story)

Night Wolf (story-only, appears as a spirit to help and advise Raiden)

Shang Tsung (story-only, cameo, leads up to the next game)

Kitana (story-only, Quan Chi's pawn at first, revived towards the end)

The changes -

Ermac: now taken over by the soul of Kitana's true father, hero

Cyrax: reprogrammed by the new Sub-Zero, or regaining his memories as a human, being freed of his mind control, hero

Sub-Zero: The original, killed off completely, Hydro is introduced, takes on the role of Sub-Zero to honor him, hero

Liu Kang: Brought back by Raiden, pissed, no longer wants to help Raiden, goes back to Bo Rai Cho

Kabal: Brought back by Raiden, blames him for Stryker's death, isn't interested anymore, goes off to do his own thing, still helps in the long run, neutral

Noob Saibot: Much more powerful now, survived and used the soulnado for his own power, much more antagonistic than before, works with Havik

Smoke: Due to heavy damage beyond Outworld's healing, Smoke must be converted and transferred into a cyborg, done by Cyrax, hero

Reptile: Now with knowing Shao Kahn would've never revived his race, Reptile's motivation has been lost, possible influence to be good by Raiden, left to be built on in a sequel, neutral

Johnny Cage: Now works with Sonya Blade as a Special Forces agent Kung Lao: Now Raiden's main apprentice

Jarek: Replacing Kano's role as a Black Dragon antagonist

Returning characters -

Johnny Cage

Sonya Blade




Liu Kang



Noob Saibot


Johnny Cage




Kung Lao



New characters -

Sub-Zero (Hydro)




Bo Rai Cho







DLC characters -

Li Mei


Hsu Hao


Entirely new characters -

No ideas at this time, post suggestions in the comments

The Story

Work in progress.

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