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Thoughts on E3 2012

Hey guys, most of E3 has come to an end, so I guess it's time to cover it or whatever, so here we go:

Microsoft: This conference was so laughable and disappointing, for the third conference in a row, they have valued their shitty accessories over their games. The only two things to come out of this were GOW:J and Halo 4. What a bummer.

EA: This conference was just fucking terrible. Each person that got on stage couldn't talk right, had a mic problem and stuttered terribly, and they only had 3 good games on stage. Everything else was the same rehashed game (Madden, Sim City)

Ubisoft: This conference was pretty good, and is a runner-up for winner of E3.AC3 looks great, Watch Dogs looks great, etc. Although they showed some damn-good games out there, there could've been a few more surprises though.

Sony: And here it is. The winner of E3 (honestly didn't expect Sony to win) is Sony. Why? Because they showed the most games that matter, and although it got brought down by that Wonderbook piece of shit, this conference was still great. Don't even get me started on The Last of Us. Overall, they did what the others failed to do.

Nintendo: This conference was such a fucking disappointment. I honestly couldn't believe how terrible it was. Imagine being a little kid and it's the day before christmas, and you've hyped this up all year, as have your family and friends. You're so excited to see what new and cool things you'll have, but then it happens. You wake up, and open up your presents. What do you get? The same old clothes you absolutely hate with a few decent toys. Nintendo has failed me completely, knowing that Pikmin 3 was their top game this E3. Where the fuck is Starfox, Metroid and Smash Bros.? Anyways, Nintendo is the ultimate loser.

I'm kinda sad Take Two didn't show off GTA V, but I knew the chances of it being there would be slim. But wait... there's 3 hidden games for tomorrow and the 7th.. If I had to guess, I'd say two of these are GTA V and Kingdom Hearts 3. I don't know what the third one could be, but it's definitely not HL3. Not like everyone didn't know that, though.

So what were you guys' thoughts on E3? In the long run, I personally thought the whole thing was a huge disappointment, but Sony did good enough, so I'll take what I can get.

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