Currently, at the time of this blog, nearly every Arena page looks pretty.. god awful. There are a few excellent ones, but most are poorly worded, full of misplaced images, lacking content, etc.

So, I'm making this blog to ask some of you guys for a little help in perfecting the arena pages and making them the main editing focus for a while, then maybe if this goes splendidly we can move on to bigger projects (the weapon pages).

A list of things that need to be done:

  • Fix any grammar and/or punctuation mistakes
  • Fix any misplaced images
  • Possibly implement a template for all Arenas
  • Add more information to Arena pages with barely anything
  • Give every Arena page a solid outline/look

The Outline

This page is the best example of what an Arena page should look like. For future reference, ALL arena pages should have this exact outline (summary at the top, first appearance image at top right, table of contents with overview, trivia and gallery). This is the best reference I can give you guys as to what to do with these pages, and this is a great chance for all you to show us how good you are editing. I wish any of you who wish to help the best of luck. Thanks!

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