As of today, and from now on, all MKX discussion will be made in their respectful discussions in the MKX boards. Blogs will now be used for discussion of the wiki itself, such as the blog you're reading right now.

The purpose of this change is to stop the overflow of blogs over the same topics. And, with the forums, we can make one solid discussion of whatever in the MKX board (example: MKX Spoiler Discussion) and all further talk of that specific discussion will take place there.

For blogs, you can discuss anything as long as it has to do with the wiki. For instance, say I'm unsatisfied with all the character pages and want to ask the community what they think should be done, such as leaving it alone or making drastic changes. The admins will be making blogs such as this whenever something new is coming to the wiki, or whenever changes are being made.

This also means that from now on any MKX blogs created after this blog, news or not, will be deleted and the creator notified of the forums.

One last thing regarding blogs, comments must be on-topic, if they're not, they'll just be deleted.

If you're unsatisfied with this change, you're free to make your point in the comments, although this will most likely end up being final.

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