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    An orphan raised by Shaolin Monks, showed a great fighting skill at early age. Was introduced to the God of Wind, Fujin who felt the potential in Rayearth, and take him to the Temple of Elements where he was trained by the 4 Element Gods. The ages passed and became an Element Lord, master of the 4 elements, the Elder Gods noted his power and turn him in Champion of the Elder Gods. According to a vision from Raiden the God of Thunder, Shinnok (a Fallen Elder God) will resurface from the Netherrealm and attack the Heavens. The new Champion's mission is to defend this realm.

    As the champion of the Elder God, he wears the same armor as Scorpion and Monster in the 1st timeline: he is wearing a golden armor with black cloth in all his body except his …

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  • Dragon NJMB

    I'm the only one who don't have the game? Which of you have the game and which of you don't? Dragon NJMB 10:53, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Dragon NJMB

    Drakon was a Red Dragon test subject to be turned in Hybrid Dragon, so he is depicted with black armwrists in his two arms; black pants with orange/red accents, some metallic decorations in it, black belt and black boots and Caro give him a orange/red vest with dragon adorned in it.

    The only thing that I remember, is my escape with another prisioner called Kano in the interior of a mountain before the scientists turn us in a bizarre unreal creatures called Hybrid Dragons. In some point of the escape, we separated and I was confused in the way out because my experimentation is advanced and had my mind in a total struggle, if I lose my mind, i could be another mindless violent creature. In those moments, I don't realize that I came in a big r…

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