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Theres alot of fans of my "Sick Konquerers" thing so I'm just gonna say somethings:

  • Sonya will deffinetly not be a main character, neither will Sub-Zero or Scorpion.
  • Scorpion will not be depicted as a ninja, instead an asassin hired to kill Johnny & Jax, Scorpion will still have his teleporting powers, though.
  • Ermac will still look like he does in the games, but he will actually be some sort of kung-fu master who gets telepathic powers in some freak-accident.
  • Rain will be a main character during the last few episodes of season 6 and all of season 7.
  • Rain will be depicted as a cruel serial killer, who has info that Johnny and Jax need to get.
  • Kano will be an especially sinister antagonist during Season 7.
  • Shao-Kahn's temple will be guarded by demons, "dragons", Kano, and Onaga.
  • Kabal will appear as a villain.
  • Shinnok takes over the Tengu clan.
  • The minor character Tremor will appear in an episode, but I dont want to spoil it.

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