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Kharacters Who Really Need To Be In MK Legacy: Goro

December's addition is much different.... as we join Goro on a Khristmas adventure.

Well, not really an adventure.

Let's forgive Goro for being evil and ruthless. He's the best Shokan I ever knew (how'd ya like that, Sheeva?), and besides, its Khristmas time in Nettherealm, when Shao-Kahn's heart is the coldest, and doesn't Goro live in Nettherealm? (Korrect me if I'm wrong, I forgot, actually.)

Well, 1, Goro has the shortest bio-kard, so lets kut him some slack.

2) Goro had that kool fighting style, and Sheeva copied it in MK:A!

3) How kould I forget? Living with 4 arms kan be so hard and frustrating.

4) He was only in 1 movie, and he's one of the coolest MK villains, like, EVER!!!!

5) Last and not least, if you had a sprite like this, wouldn't YOU be grumpy and ruthless?

Thats all, and seeya in 2012 as the blog series goes out with a BANG! (Its not ending, though.)

Who do you wanna see next time?

The poll was created at 01:26 on December 17, 2011, and so far 5 people voted.

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