Ahem, EM speaking here. You know how the journey for those 2 has been going, but, uh, I didn't make any new ones for a while, but, LOLCat: Special Forces will continue, and I will start a weekly story-line spin-off called LOLCat: Kombat Begins, about Katz Briggs and Johnny XD's adventures... again. Well, uh, its like, well, different then SF.

Stuff like kicking back in Kitteh Litteh City and eating Kitteh-Nip, when a riot starts. New characters, too. The chief-guy from the prelude will return, and some other suprises. It's coming to a new LOLCat era of humor. A new era of Kitteh Kawmbatt! Sorry I'm lacking the story, but I'll make up for it. Until then, say no to pups, eat yer green vegetables and...

Katz Briggs: Always burry... "it" under the kitteh litteh after a trip to ya litteh box!

Uh... sure, Katz.

Johnny: XD XD XD XD!

Took the words right out of meh mowth... uh, Im not a kitteh in disgize, Im aktshewly hyewman... oh, no, gave it away!


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