This is my MK Fan-Game!


We see Galactus being defeated by the Silver Surfer, but just then, a portal opens, and we see a shadowy figure which resembles Shao-Kahn. Galactus is suddenly sucked into it, and the figure is suddenly shot out of it, as the two swich places. The Surfer surfs off to warn the citizens of Earth. We see a time-card that says "Earlier." We see Raiden in Shao-Kahn's palace, standing in front of Quan Chi and Shao-Kahn. Raiden attacks the two with his powers. They are knocked out, yet Quan Chi still has enough energy to open a portal. He is about to crawl into it, but Shao-Kahn pushes him out of the way, then leaps into it. Raiden looks into the portal, shouting "Shao-Kahn!" But, just then, a huge shadowy figure is shown, which resembles Glactus. Raiden tries attacking Galactus, but is shot with a laser as he flies across the room. Quan Chi offers to be a servant to Galactus, and Galactus allows him to be so.


A list of playable heroes and villains.

Marvel Super-Human: Mortal Kombatant: Reason:
Spider-Man Johnny Cage They are both agile heroes.
Daredevil Kenshi They are both blind, yet they still manage to battle.
Elektra Skarlet They are both females with weapons who dress in red.
Ghost-Rider Scorpion They both use chains and have super-natural powers.
Silver Surfer Quan Chi The Surfer has cosmic abilities, Quan Chi has magic abilities.
Bullseye Kano They are both assassins, plus the fact one has an adamantium skull and the other has a robotic eye.
The Vision Sektor They are both red robots.
Ultron Cyborg Smoke They are both grey robots.
Wolverine Taven They are both strong, plus Wolverine has claws and Taven has a Darkesword.

NOTE: This is a work in progress.

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