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Shocking character reveal for MK9!

I saw a mysterious background character in MK9, all I can say is the characters name ENG (Error Npc Glitch) Eng is a grey shadowy ninja-guy, kind of like a black pallete-swap of Scorpion, except with a silver mask, not a gold one. You can see him way in the backgroud of "The Street" area only as a glitch. Because if you look very, very far into the background, you can see a grey ninja in the flames laughing maniacally, trust me. Because my game was all scratched on the disc so when I put it in it froze up on me alot, then when it stopped I saw a grey-ninja in the background, probably because technical difficulties.. I dunno. I just thought of tons of words to describe it, three of wich are error, NPC, and glitc. Thus creating E.N.G., the Error NPC Glitch! Anyways, Eng is a black version of the classic Subzero from the original arcade game.

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