This is a new annual game hosted by me, or.... what ever. Next year, I will pick a new person to host it, then they will pick a new person, and it'll go on and on.

How To Play

Sign out and get an account with a different name. The name HAS to be an MK kharacter. Give out fatcs about yourself like "My favorite character", "My favorite game", blah blah blah. It has to be facts from your suer profile otherwise we have no way of knowing.


Shinnok: My favorite kharacter is Smoke and my favorite game is MK9.

'E'xampleUser200: ElectricMayhem.

Shinnok: Correct.


  • No saying correct when the name said is not your username.
  • No name unrelated to Mortal Kombat or you are disqualified.
  • If you have an avatar for your MK account, it has to be of that character, or else your disqualified.

Now Let Me Challenge You... In The Mortal Kombat Name Game!

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