I think if anything, Gremlins should be in MK. It would fit in perfect!

All work and no pay makes Mohawk a dull boy!

Trust me, I got it all planned out.


A tiny creature (Gizmo) was journeying through the Netherealm, he came across a battle between Raiden and Shao Kahn. Trying to flee from the fight, the harmless creature tripped over a rock, and was picked up by a mysterious figure. Later, the creature woke from its slumber. It saw Nightwolf, who had found it and preformed an ancient ritual to bring it back to health. The creature felt dizzy, then fell off the wooden log it was on and landed in a creek of water. The creature cried in agony as tiny round balls shot out of the back of its body, landing in a tree, scaring away a squirrel-like creature. Nightwolf lifted Gizmo out of the water and watched as the tiny puffs of fur transformed into even more fuzzy creatures. One with buck-teeth (Lenny), one with a grumpy look on its face (George), one that would not stop laughing non-stop (Daffy), and one with a stripe of fur going down its back (Mohawk). Mohawk jumped out of the tree, landing on his feet. He laughed sadistically. Lenny and George jumped out behind Mohawk, and walked forward. Nightwolf was confused ("Uh... are you serious?") and slowly leaned to grab his Tomahawks, but fell down and saw Daffy laughing and swinging them around in the air uncontrollably. Nightwolf went to grab them from the creature but tripped over a huge tree branch gnawed off the tree by Lenny. The creatures all laughed (besides Gizmo, of course, who had ran off in fear), which angered Nightwolf. He went to grab one of the creatures, but it jumped out of the way as Nightwolf fell down face-first into the creek. George and Lenny had an idea and wlaked toward sthe creek, but Mohawk told them to wait until they were "ready." The 3 creatures, besides Daffy, who was still playing with Nightwolf's Tomahawks, ran off. Nightwolf got up and grabbed Daffy, then ran to inform Lord Raiden and the Elder Gods. Meanwhile, Gizmo made it to the empty Shokan kingdom. Gizmo saw the sun was rising and ran to hide in a small hut. While Gizmo went to sleep, Nightwolf was sharing this information with other Earthrealm heroes. Johnny Cage laughed. ("Dude, if its so small, how did it beat YOU up? What about that 'spirit' stuff?") Nightwolf was about to reply, but a strange voice warned them. More to be added...

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