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Chameleon: Mortal Kombat (2011)

So i've had some signature moves ideas for Chameleon in Mortal Kombat (2011).

Signature Moves

Spear - Chameleon sends out a spear that implants in the opponents chest. Chameleon then pulls the opponent towards him while speaking a phrase, "GET OVER HERE!" or "COME HERE!". Chameleon Turns Yellow while performing this. This move is known to be Scorpion's.

Freeze - Chameleon sends an ice blast to the opponent. Chameleon turns Blue while performing this. This move is Sub-Zero's.

Teleport Slam - Like Noob-Saibot, Chameleon teleports, appears behind his opponent, and slams headfirst. He turns Noob's color when performing.

Water Blast - Rain's move, Chameleon sends out water from his Left hand. While performing, Chameleon turns Purple.

Ground Fist - Chameleon pounds the ground making the arena shake. Tremor's move, Chameleon turns Brown while performing.

Smoking Teleport - Like Smoke, Chameleon teleports and hits the opponent. Chameleon turns Grey.

Slimy Slide - Reptile's move. Turning Green, Chameleon slides across the floor and trips the opponent.

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