(The location is that temple-esque level from MK9 where everyone dies)

Sindel Entered the building, leting fourth a scream of epic power, as all the Forces of good gathered to fight Sindel, Something acured to Stryker, and he told his friends to stand back. One squeeze of the trigger and that was all she wrote, he shot sindel RIGHT in the face, and killed her. Kitantana fell to her knees and bagan to cry, Kung L ao leaned in to comfert her, and she swated him away, this, Lao knew ment to leave her alone. (Cuts to Raiden's exact arguement with the elder gods, and then he leaves.) As raiden returned, he looked at his alies, and knew that victory couldn't be theirs with out help, and they went to the Nether realm (Khan may have been dead but Shang Stung took over and was a great foe to Earth realm). When they all got to the Nether realm Cyber Sub-Zero and Scorpion engaged in kombat, their fight made Quan Chi step in, and he struck them both over the heads and knocked them out, he told Raiden to leave, but Raiden only asked the help of the nether realm, quan chi told him "I couldn't even if he wanted to."

"What do you mean?" Raiden asked

"Nothing, just leave." said Quan Chi. Then Scorpion awakened and drew his blade to Quan Chi's throat, and told him he was a quote "Soulless monster.", for in his state of unconsiosness, he saw the events of his family's death, and his rebirth, and he retold it all aloud, Freezing Cyber Sub-Zero with anger at the reavalation of Quan Chi killing Scorpion's famly, driving Scorpion to kill Bi Han, Scorpion and Quan Chi fought untill Cyber froze Chi, and kicked him to pieces, Scorpion said that the Brotherhood of shadow was with Earth realm. (The scene changes again to the streets and roof tops of earth realm.) The forces of light, and 40 Brotherhood of Shadow warriors awaited Shang Stung, acompinied by Reiko, Baraka, Mileena, and the rest of Out world's forces, the insueing battle made true a sooner than shood have been Armagedon, or atleast it would have had the Elder Gods not interveined, and stoped the evil, the forces of good killed Shang, Kano, etc. Now that the forces of good have killed most evil, they will party, have fun, and live like true heros (Even Raiden, Liu, and Kung Lao) should, Cyrax, Sektor, and the other cyber-fied Lin Kuei (who weren't killed mid battle) were even given their human bodys back, They will live happy lives from now on, or atleast untill................ HE attacks, to be continued.

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